Interested in trying plant-based diet recipes? A diet comprising legumes, grains, and fresh vegetables can help you lose weight (if you follow it correctly) and lower your risk of cancer and other illnesses. Moreover, eliminating animal foods will lessen the consumption of cholesterol and saturated fats from your diet.


There are several reasons people are attracted to plant-based diets. Listed below are some of them:

1. More Affordable

The cost of food is increasing everywhere around the world, especially in the category of meat products. When you switch to a plant-based diet, it is more cost-effective. Beans and legumes contain high-quantities of protein but cost way less than meat.

2. Allows you to Meet the Recommended Fiber Intake

Eating the recommended daily intake of fiber has tremendous benefits for the human body. These include improved bowel health, gastrointestinal regularity, reduced cholesterol levels, improved blood sugar control for diabetics, and also lesser chances of colorectal cancer.

When you stick to healthy eating recipes on a plant-based diet, it is extremely easy for you to meet your required daily fiber intake.

3. Lessens the Risks of Chronic Diseases

There’s plenty of scientific evidence to conclude that plant based diet recipes reduce the chances of suffering from chronic health diseases. These include certain kinds of cancer like breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate cancers. Furthermore, animal products are one of the leading sources of saturated fat leading to increased levels of bad cholesterol increasing the chances of cardiovascular disease. With a plant-based diet, you have a healthy heart with lowered risks of heart disease.

4. Is Beneficial for the Environment

Plant-based foods have a lesser impact on the environment. This is because 70% of the produced grain is given to farmed animals but in the case of plant-based sources, lesser energy is required for their production and sustenance. Incorporating more vegetables and fruits in your diet is not only healthy for your body but also for the planet as a whole. Try preparing the traditional Mexican dish, Black Bean Tamales and you’ll be in a better position to understand how it is not harmful to the environment.

5. Lowers the Risks of Foodborne Diseases

One of the most common triggers of foodborne diseases are eggs, milk products, poultry, and meat. If you cut out these from your diet, chances of foodborne diseases are also reduced. Fresh fruits and vegetables can also carry this bacteria but if you wash them properly, the risks are reduced.