Have you noticed that when you’re out to eat at cafes or fast food restaurants, their utensils and plates are made of pure plastic that are thrown away and will eventually make its way to a landfill? Slowly, but surely many places are switching over to using eco friendly restaurant supplies. What’s one way to get a hold of such things?

1. Eco Products

is a manufacturing company that has biodegradable supplies. The company was founded in October of 1990 by Kent and Steve Savage. Their idea was to create eco friendly products made from recyclable materials that they were going to provide to businesses in Colorado. Fast forward to present day, they’ve continued to expand their line of fast food service items and have created recyclable hot cup lids and are gearing towards making every single product they have plastic free and have it be made by completely renewable materials.

2. VerTerra

is another eco friendly utensil manufacturing company and the material of their dinnerware consists of of only two products: palm leaves and water. It’s compostable, durable, sustainable, microwave and oven safe, biodegradable, AND sun resistant! The CEO of the company got the idea while on a drive in India and saw a woman serving food on plates she made with leaves and a waffle iron.

3. WebstaurantStore

is the largest online restaurant supply store serving food service professionals and individual customers worldwide. They also carry a large range of biodegradable products.

Whether you want to purchase these for yourself or for your business, you’re helping the environment and showing the world that you are eco friendly, too!


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