Without realizing, I’ve been visualizing achieving my dreams and until now, had considered it merely “dreaming.” But what if this casual state of consciousness has actually been bringing me closer to my life goals…and I had no idea?

A friend of mine recently suggested that I watch, The Secret (available on Netflix) and it really got me thinking. Could I have been unknowingly willing results and achievements in my life completely on my own? According to author Rhonda Byrne and some of the great ancient philosophers mentioned in her book and film, the answer is YES.

If you visualize what you want, and believe in it, it could very well become your reality.

While I had the visualizations down packed, I didn’t always know that I was allowed to ask for what I wanted. But before you receive you must believe.

#1 Ask
#2 Believe
#3 Receive

A very big takeaway from the Secret, is that you shouldn’t think about what you don’t want; because you will get just that; more of what you don’t want. So stay positive, have gratitude, visualize, and believe it’s your reality.


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