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Yummy Doh on Plant-Based By Nafsika

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Do you like eating raw cookie dough? Who doesn’t!

I got to try one that is much more safe to eat and I learned how to make some “yummy” treats in the kitchen.

In case you missed the full segment of Yummy Doh on Plant-Based By Nafsika we wanted to share it with you on the blog.

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Vegan Holiday Segment on Good Day Sacramento

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Vegan Holiday Segment on Good Day Sacramento

Hello friends! In honour of the holidays rapidly sneaking up on us, I️’m cooking up a delicious vegan recipe: #Skordalia! You can catch this episode on @gooddaysac or click on this link. (Good Morning Sacramento on CBS.) This is a Potato and Garlic Mash side dish that will perfectly complement any dishes you’ll be preparing during the holidays!


Potato & Garlic Mash Recipe


  • 2-3 russet potatoes

  • 3-4 garlic cloves

  • ½ cup unsweetened almond milk

  • ½ cup EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

  • juice from 1/2 a lemon

  • 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar

  • 1 tsp sea salt

  • black ground pepper to taste


Place a pot of water over high heat. Add about a teaspoon of sea salt and bring to a boil. Peel potatoes and chop them up into small pieces and add them into the boiling water. Boil anywhere from 15 minutes to a half-hour until they soften. Just put a fork in it to check if the center is soft. In a food processor, add all of the other ingredients and blend until nice and smooth. Once the potatoes are ready, drain and set aside for 5 minutes to cool down, then add them to a bowl and mash them with a potato masher. Add in the garlic-oil and stir well. Optional: Pour some olive oil lightly over in a circular motion, and add some chopped parsley. Then dunk a nice big Kalamata olive in the center.

Health Benefits of This Recipe

‘Skordalia’ isn’t just a tasty dish, it could make for a great cold buster or immune system booster. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties, can cure colds and the flu and boost your immune system. Apple cider vinegar can treat a sore throat, improve heart health and even help you lose weight. Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies. Lemons contain pectin fibre which is very beneficial for colon health and also serves as a powerful antibacterial. Extra virgin olive oil may reduce the risk of heart disease, due to its monounsaturated fat content. It also contains polyphenols that act as antioxidants, reducing oxidative stress throughout your body. It can lower bad cholesterol and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Recipe borrowed from The Struggling Vegan.

Interview: TV’s Only Vegan Show Prepares for Season Two (VegNews)

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By Anna Starostinetskaya

Plant-Based by Nafsika on A&E FYI Channel will return with new vegan cooking and living tips.

Nafsika Antypas, the host and creator of A&E FYI Chat in vnnel’s Plant-Based by Nafsika, recently announced plans for the production of season two of the vegan lifestyle show—the only one of its kind currently on television.

The show—which first aired last July—reaches 70 million households every Wednesday and has covered vegan lifestyle topics including cooking demonstrations, celebrity interviews, cruelty-free fashion tips, and nutrition advice.

Antypas independently funded the first season and has launched a crowdfunding campaign on platform Indiegogo to help with production costs of the show’s second season. “If I surpass my goal, I will then start working on bringing my show to more networks globally.” Antypas said.

Several networks have taken a greater interest in vegan topics recently as evidenced by a recent episode of cooking competition show Master Chef Junior that challenged children to cook without animal products—at the behest of guest judge and vegan activist Mayim Bialik of 90’s show Blossom fame.

Original Article (click here)

Interview: Anti-Cancer Club

By | Media

Interview: Anti-Cancer Club

By Anti-Cancer Club

Nafsika Antypas is the host, producer and creator of the world’s first and only vegan lifestyle TV series Plant-Based by Nafsika. Her focus on a plant-based lifestyle includes food, fashion, beauty, health and innovations.

Nafsika’s entrepreneurial background came from the many years of working in her father’s Mediterranean importing company, Pilaros Inc. She went on to found The Struggling Vegan Inc, an organization with the mission to help people transition to a vegan lifestyle while strengthening the vegan community. Being a mother of two, Nafsika loves to cook and experiment at home. Her passion is to educate about the health benefits of moving to a plant-based diet and Veganism. The world is moving toward a plant-based diet and Nafsika, a vegan herself, soon came to realize that not only would this be considered a diet, but a lifestyle as well.

Your culinary background and training is amazing. Talk to us about olive oil. What should you look for? Do you favor any particular countries or regions?

Let’s forget the fact that I’m a proud Greek for a minute…Greece produces the best tasting and quality of olive oil due to its soil and climatic conditions, which is ideal for healthy olive trees. Different regions of Greece offer different characteristics or tastes. I prefer the fruitier taste of the Laconia (or Sparta) region where there’s a combination of seaside sun and rich, hilly terrain. Some countries, like Italy, use Greek olive oil to flavour their own oils. And that says a lot.

I grew up eating EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) with my bread (never butter) and use it in all of my cooking. To Greeks, olive oil is “liquid gold,” as Homer put it.

What motivated you personally to take up a plant based diet?

A true Greek or Mediterranean diet, is actually very plant-based. It includes generous quantities of olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish, and limited portions of red meat and processed foods. And this is how I grew up.

So when I went vegan a few years ago, it wasn’t as big of a change…except for the fact that I used to enjoy my chocolate and cheese. But that all changed after I watched just one film documentary, which opened my eyes about animal agriculture and I just couldn’t look at food the same (or chocolate and cheese). And not eating dairy meant no more unnecessary congestion or colds.

And for my first son, who essentially went dairy-free at the age of two, it meant no more chronic ear infections (or high fever, febrile seizures and a year and a half of antibiotics). So, both of my kids drink almond milk instead (and avoid meat of any kind) and we are healthier today because of this lifestyle decision.

Having a TV show is a major accomplishment! How did “Plant-based By Nafsika,” evolve?

It started with the idea of changing the world through food. I had already been working on some innovative projects with the mission to help people on a global scale and came to realize that if I could help more people be vegan, we could save our planet and live in a more compassionate place.

I had already been involved in various TV food segments through my family’s olive oil business and really enjoyed the creative side of things. I created the show concept, sourced the guests and sponsors myself, and my co-producers (who I was lucky to find) helped pitch the show to some networks, whom all loved the idea.

We decided to go with A&E because it was a good fit for us. So, not only is having a TV show a major accomplishment for me but also the fact that it’s the first vegan lifestyle show on a major network. That’s never been done before. And honored to have been the one to plant the seed.

Do you see a growing trend towards plant based diets? What are some of the hurdles people face in making such a change?

I definitely see it growing, and very rapidly. While it appears to be a growing “trend,” plant-based or veganism is here to stay because it’s a long-term solution to many environmental problems we face and will face if we do not change our ways. Furthermore, more people are becoming educated about animal exploitation and about the fact that there isn’t really such thing as, “humane meat.”

I didn’t really face too many hurdles. You don’t need to live somewhere that has tons of vegan or plant-based options; you could find ways to make anything vegan. There is so much information online to help guide you and provide you with moral support. I have a site like that actually called, The Struggling Vegan. We provide meal plans and recipes, health tips and advice, and even direct access to our plant-based doctors. Going plant-based today is easy as pie. (Vegan pie.)

Do your children like to cook? How do you keep their choices healthy when they are way from home?

My kids love to cook, especially my younger one. I am constantly talking to them about healthy food choices. My 6-year old can read a nutrition table and understand it, for example. My 3-year will let you know that cow’s milk is for baby cows if you offer it to him.I cook my sons’ lunches and packed them in thermal containers for school so that they’re always getting a warm meal. We mainly eat at home and my husband also cooks plant-based meals. I showed him how to make a mean vegan meat-sauce and he makes it better than me now!

What’s in your future? Another TV series? A book? A movie?

I like to think of myself as a “realistic dreamer,” if that makes sense. I love to dream but plan it in a way that it might actually happen. I have a lot of ideas and projects I am already working on so for now, my goal is to finish Season 2, which will air in the Spring, continue with my other companies/projects such as my vegan consultation site, The Struggling Vegan, my personal safety app Ualert and my non-profit People Against Violence. Then I want to start writing, or finish writing rather, a book, plus I may have a completely new TV show in the not so distant future. My motto is “If You Plant It, It Will Grow,” and that’s basically how I see myself right now. 🙂

Interview: Vegan Italy

By | Media

Interview: Vegan Italy

Vegan Italy interviews me about my TV show, vegan life and more!

To read the full article, download the pdf by clicking here.

To view the their blog site, click here.

Podcast Interview with Victoria Moran

By | Media

Podcast Interview with Victoria Moran

Episode: Plant-Based Nafsika + Matt Ruscigno, R.D.

Original air date: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Click here to listen. (I lose audio near the end unfortunately.)

Episode Description

Cable network FYI airs the weekly Plant-Based by Nafsika program (check local listings), so vegans finally have a talk show! Nafsika Antypas, the show’s creator and host, joins us, followed by Los Angeles dietitian and No Meat Athlete coauthor, Matt Ruscigno, R.D., discussing, among other things, why it might not be such a great idea to oversell veganism’s health benefits.

Program Overview

Main Street Vegan is a lively hour devoted to your health, well-being, and ways to live lightly and lovingly on planet Earth. Host Victoria Moran will entertain you each week with the latest on the vegan life—it’s not just for celebrities and moguls, but for the guy and gal on Main Street who want to look and feel amazing, eat extraordinary food, help animals, and create a physical body perfectly attuned to spiritual growth. Their guests will range from Unity ministers to vegan authors, activists, physicians, chefs—and even some of those glittery celebs. There’ll be recipes, ideas, ways to go vegan (or “veganward”) at your own pace, and tips for making a difference for animals and the planet at every meal.

Watch the book trailer for Main Street Vegan.

The ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity. Unity respects a wide range of spiritual thoughts and beliefs, as reflected in the diverse range of subjects presented on Unity Online Radio.