As exciting and beautiful as the Holidays are, sometimes we just need a moment of peace and to do something for ourselves. Here are some of our favorite, self-care routines to keep you cool, calm, collected and party ready!

Shine Bright

Add some sparkle to your mane by sprinkling some golden dust or glitter into your finishing spray or hair spray. The light will reflect gently off the tiny specks and add some glamour to your locks. Great for Holiday parties and photos too! If you want to look totally glam and dolled up, use larger bits of glitter and more of it!

The Nose Knows

Grab some fresh peppermint tea bags or fresh herbs and pop them into a baggy to keep on you at all times. Take a nice, deep breath of the fresh herbs to relieve tension, nausea, headaches and as a healthy energy boost without the anxiety.

Mask Your Feelings

To be honest, there’s nothing to soothe the nerves and make the skin glow, quite like a hot bath and a great face pack. Sore muscles? Use some epsom salts in the bathwater. Dry skin? Add some body oils. You can also toss in your favorite essential oils to customize it and make you feel like the god you are. Light some candles, play your favorite relaxation station and get to unwinding asap.

Color Outside the Lines

Get creative! Take a moment to sit down and color. Adult coloring books are a thing now- if you haven’t seen them around. Pop by your local craft or art store to find a huge and utterly amazing variety of them to spark your creative vibe. Coloring is a smooth and repetitive motion that helps to ease tension and calm the nerves as well.

Tea For One

The therapeutic abilities of tea are far reaching and we try to have at least one cup each and every day. Try some calming valerian, chamomile or kava for really tense and busy days (like when the in laws are coming!). Peppermint, licorice and fennel are wonderful for indigestion which almost always follows with all the sweets, treats and major social anxiety we can get. We like to combine for the maximum benefits of both, like valerian and mint or chamomile and lavender.

Go to Your Happy Place

Nothing like some good old meditation, but if you simply cannot get away to a place that’s 100% silent and peaceful, try popping outside and taking a few deep, cleansing breaths. The cold is invigorating and there’s a quiet, stillness to the world when it’s cold and dark out. Sneak out for a minute (be sure to bundle up!) and take a minute to focus on the small sounds of crackling, like the leaves rustling or the snow falling or just enjoy the absolute cold and quiet that comes with Winter nights. Once you start to feel like yourself again, make your way back in to grace everyone with your totally calm and together self, you’ve got this!


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