“Veganism is a philosophy known for promoting a diet free from the consumption and exploitation of animals (i.e. it does not include meat or animal derivatives), and the use of textiles that respect living things. That’s why it’s not limited to the food world, but rather involves all facets of life. Interior design and the design of our living spaces are therefore naturally affected, and it seems like it’s time to talk more about vegan interior design.” [1]

What is Cruelty-Free Interior Design?

Cruelty-free interior design means that any element used in interior design should not harm animals in any way, or contain any harmful components. Vegan design affects the materials used, and it goes even further to promote ways of living in harmony with other living things and not damaging the environment. This is called “cruelty-free.”

Materials used in vegan design can be pre-existing such as wood, which is recyclable and can be used in many different ways. It can be used to make furniture, construction systems, or the floors. New products that are sustainable to recycling can also be used, such as tires and plastics.

Need Some Tips?

In our TV series, Plant-Based by Nafsika, Nafsika interviews Deborah Rosenberg of Dimare Design, who handles ultra luxury interior design and remodeling for residential and commercial properties. Deborah shares some great tips on how you can turn your home or office space into a vegan, cruelty-free space. Here’s one easy tip below.

Tip: Take 5 items in a space and switch each one out with a vegan item

Head over to our YouTube channel to check out Nafsika’s interview with Deborah Rosenberg, who specializes in cruelty-free, vegan and sensory design for emotional wellness!

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