An acquaintance came up to me at a family event one night as I was discussing the benefits of a plant-based diet. (Like any other day!) She said, “I was always worried about Osteoporosis so when I turned 40, I started drinking 2 glasses of milk a day. Two years later, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis!”

Sadly, I was not surprised to hear this. And, while there could be various factors at play here, one thing I learned through my research is the possibility that (cow) milk did not help decrease her chances of developing Osteoporosis; it actually may have caused it. Because science says that your bones need calcium to fight or prevent bone disease, we (and almost all doctors) are quick to assume that we could only get calcium from cow milk, not even considering the bad effects that this has over your body.

Hold On, But Doesn’t Dairy Have Calcium?

Yes, dairy does have calcium. But it’s also got animal proteins, lactose sugar, animal growth factors, occasional drugs and contaminants, and a substantial amount of fat and cholesterol…

So, What Can You Do?

Here are the

top 3 ways

to keep your bones strong and healthy:

  • Calcium– hold up, from greens, beans, or fortified foods.
  • Exercise– helps keep the calcium in your bones.
  • Vitamin D– from natural sunlight or by supplement, especially if you don’t get much sun where you live. For more information on this topic, don’t just take my word for it, check out the following article:


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