Natural Remedies to Ward Off Cold

While you are sick, even being at home in your bed does not seem fun at all. The combination of body aches, chills, or fever, and nasal congestion can be enough to make anyone miserable.

Good thing that there are some tried and tested home remedies that can eliminate these symptoms and get you back on your feet. If you feel sick even after these remedies, try making an appointment with your doctor. But before that, try these home remedies:


The benefits of ginger root have been around for years and years. However, today we have proof of its curing powers. Adding a few slices of raw ginger root to boiling water helps in soothing cough and a sore throat. Research shows that ginger can also remove any nauseous feelings that come along with influenza.


Garlic contains a compound called allicin. Allicin has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties. Adding a garlic supplement to your diet can reduce the symptoms of a cold.


Native Americans use the herb and the root of the Echinacea plant to treat infections. This plant has active ingredients like flavonoids that are chemicals that have therapeutic effects on the body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a vital role in your body because it has a lot of benefits. Along with limes, oranges, grapefruits, leafy greens, and many other fruits and vegetables, lemons are a great source of vitamin C. Adding fresh lemon to a glass of juice or a cup of hot tea can reduce the phlegm when you are sick.


Probiotics are friendly bacteria that are mostly found in your body, in some foods, and in some supplements. These bacteria can help keep your gut and immune system healthy. Also, research shows that probiotics can reduce your chances of getting sick with an upper respiratory infection.[1]

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is rich and has the same nutrients that apples have. Potassium, vitamin C, antioxidants, and vitamin E are just a part of the nutritional components that apples have. Eating apples can contribute to better lung function; therefore, it makes sense that apple cider vinegar may help in breathing easier.


An essential ingredient available in all Indian kitchens is turmeric. It is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps in preventing and treating many health problems. Turmeric mixed with warm milk is a popular drink and is very effective in fighting against cold and cough. Drinking a glass of warm turmeric milk before sleeping helps in fast recovery from internal wounds and cold.

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