Going vegan can be difficult if you’ve never really strayed away from animal products before.

If you’re considering going vegan for the first time, we can help with these great tips below:

Always have an open mind. If you go into this diet thinking it is going to be extremely easy or extremely difficult, then you are just setting yourself up for disappointment. Know that beginning any kind of diet can go either way, so just take it slow. Don’t start off this diet with a negative attitude about it because then you’ll just fail. Stay positive.

Go through your pantry and refrigerator. Sort through all of your groceries in the fridge and the pantry and see if there are any items in there containing animal products. Figure out what you can’t have and then make a list of what you need. Stock up on leafy greens, beans, and vegan friendly pantry items. When going grocery shopping, don’t avoid the produce section as it is very important.

“Veganize” your favorite meals. Have a favorite meals but it’s definitely not vegan? Try and look for a recipe to make it vegan. A dairy-free yogurt in the morning as opposed to dairy is a good start for a breakfast meal. Want a good smoothie for lunch? Use almond “milk” or coconut “milk”. There’s always a substitute for everything!

Don’t get discouraged if you mess up! Accidentally had something with egg in it? or maybe used butter on your toast? Don’t worry about it. It’s all new and it’s bound to happen. Don’t let a small mistake get in the way of you achieving your goal of becoming vegan. Do the best you can and take it step by step.

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