Summer is fully in gear and we are all in need for some “Vitamin Sea.” It’s time to get out, get some sun, feel the fresh air, and if possible, plunge into the ocean.

Aside from the fact that we all need a little downtime, being outside with nature, and especially the beach, is good for you inside and out. And the sun provides us with some much needed Vitamin D.


Try to get about 15 minutes a day of natural sunlight on your skin once daily. For longer than 15 minutes, apply a good quality sunscreen lotion. Reapply as needed.

If hitting the beach is not in the cards this Summer then try some ideas below:

– Take the day off from cooking. Enjoy a healthy lunch on a terrace with friends and family or bring a few healthy snacks and head to a park- If you have kids, break out the old sprinkler and let them run through it and join them too. And even if you don’t have kids, go ahead, we won’t judge.- If you have access to a pool, then cool down with a refreshing swim. – Go on a long bike ride or toss a frisbee.- Hit the swings! It can be so freeing. I personally love it.- For the night-time, have fun in your own backyard! Spend the night in a tent and gaze at the stars.

Get creative! Having an enjoyable time outdoors this Summer doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.


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