Are you an animal lover? Yes! Then you must watch Season 3 of Plant-Based by Nafsika. This vegan lifestyle series in its third season will take you deep into the world of beauty products and fashion and its relation to animal cruelty. Being an animal lover you surely do realize that despite the clamour for banning animal testing this cruel practice is still widely prevalent.

One sure way of stopping this revolting practice is to make an informed choice to only use cruelty-free makeup and cosmetics.

But why should one follow cruelty-free fashion?

There are numerous reasons for you, as a responsible global citizen to give a fillip to the movement for cruelty-free fashion.

It is healthier and non-toxic

Cruelty-free cosmetics are healthier and non-toxic. Many of these cosmetics are green products which make it safer for your body. You are spared the danger of unknowingly using chemicals that can potentially cause harm to your body and of course at the same time it saves the poor animals.

Cruelty-free choices are on the rise

Gone are the days when you were restricted by the choice of products if you wanted to follow cruelty-free fashion. Today as more and more companies are making a smart business decision to go cruelty-free you have a plethora of cruelty-free products to choose from to suit your taste.

Animal testing is unnecessary

Do you know there are over 7000 ingredients which fashion and cosmetics companies can use to make safe products? This huge range of ingredients is more than sufficient for them to mix and match to come up with new exciting products without resorting to animal testing.

And even if fashion and cosmetics companies want to do tests to come up with new ingredients they can resort to alternative testing methods which use tissues and cells from humans. These modern testing methods also include tests using computer models and chemical tests and are generally more reliable indicators of the effect of the test ingredients on the human body. What is more, these tests are cheaper and faster than animal tests!

Animal testing is undoubtedly cruel

Animal tests are undoubtedly painful and harmful to the animals. The living conditions of these animals are pathetic as they are confined to small cages and repeatedly tortured. The animals are brutally wounded and even blinded due to the administration of test products. These animals are killed once they have served their purpose. Dogs are used for bone studies, cardiology and endocrinology tests while neurological tests are done on cats. Monkeys, chimpanzees and baboons are mostly used for reproductive, hepatitis and AIDS tests.

You can get deep insights into all these disturbing facts and know how you can use your purchasing power to make this world a safer place for animals by following this TV series.

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