We offer vegan cheeses at Nafsika’s Garden because, unlike the dairy industry, vegan products do not harm a single animal. They also have a lesser negative impact on the planet. Today, many animals are suffering because of the massive food production industry. The emergence of the animal cause is gradually spreading and we can see an awakening of consciences. This article will show you that becoming vegan means committing to the animal cause.

Every year, millions of animals are threatened, hunted, tortured, and killed because of food production. This comes from chickens raised in enclosed spaces that never see the light of the day, to pigs stuffed with medicine so they will never get sick, to overfishing killing millions of fish a day bringing them closer to extinction. This is what is happening in our world today intended to provide our “basic” food needs. Many do not realize that by doing a simple act like purchasing a package of beef, countless animals will suffer. It is time to realize the consequences of our actions.

Some global numbers:

  • 2.2 million animals are used for experimentation (4 animals per minute)
  • 3 million animals are killed in slaughterhouses daily
  • 40 million chicks are crushed by hatcheries (1 chick per second)
  • 1 billion so-called “game animals” are killed (poultry, rabbits, deer, roe deer, boar)

Fortunately, today the general public is starting to care more about animal welfare. This may include the joining of local organizations or simply going vegan. In the end, being vegan is not a diet but a real lifestyle. Being vegan makes you an individual committed to the animal cause. If you want to no longer participate in these horrors that take place every day, eating vegan products will be the main solution. It is important today to open our eyes to the world around us and become a contributor for a better future. This includes becoming eco-responsible and also being informed about animal violence.

Committing to the animal cause will help eliminate the abuse of our animal friends; and at the same time, increase your health and that of the planet.

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