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Introducing our exquisite selection of plant-based, dairy-free cheeses and products. Indulge in the deliciousness of our creations, made from the finest plant-based ingredients, and experience a dairy-free journey that surpasses all expectations.

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52 Products Available

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Your feta style block BLOWS my mind

Jessica Jurkowsi

Flavorful Revolution of Vegan Cheese

In a world where culinary innovation dances with ethics, vegan cheese and its dairy-free companions lead a flavorful revolution. As consciousness blooms, seekers of diverse experiences embrace compassionate alternatives without sacrificing taste. This plant-based movement, a symphony of artistry and sustainability, captivates gourmands and conscious consumers alike. Talented artisans craft textures and flavors, weaving the essence of plant-based ingredients and seasonings. This gastronomic awakening harmonizes indulgence with compassion, whispering a promise of a kinder, more delicious world.

There’s a new cheese in town

Nafsika’s Garden product line started off with just vegan cheese and is quickly expanding to an array of dairy-free/vegan food products.

Currently, our dairy-free line is completely allergen free

  • Zero Diary
  • Zero Gluten
  • Zero Nuts
  • Zero Soy
  • Zero Peas

That’s not all. Not only does our cheese look and feel the same, some will argue that they cannot tell the difference between ours and “the real thing.”

Melt’s to perfection

Our feta is betta

It shares the same taste and texture as real feta, with a smoother taste! It crumbles like feta and makes a perfect addition as table cheese, as well as in salads, pastries, and baking.

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These are amazing and totally say free


Meet Nafsika Antypas, the Face Behind the Brand

Nafsika Antypas is a writer, TV producer, actress, author and entrepreneur.

Her motto has always been,

“If You Plant It, It Will Grow.”

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